Revisiting ‘Rockets of Desire’

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This is a phrase of Abraham’s that has always caused me issues. What is it anyway?  Why describe it as a rocket?  And more importantly, how does it help me to feel better knowing about it?

Suddenly I see it so differently than ever before.  A rocket of desire is the immediate response you have when something affects you, either positively or negatively. It is the first, call it electrical impulse, you generate on a feeling level and shoots off from you, lighting you up for Non-Physical (called a rocket because that is what it “looks” like to Non-Physical) . It is their call to action. So, to use Abraham’s usual example, when someone is rude to you, that first moment of reaction (taken aback, negatively impacted) shoots off, it is a vibration that carries all the signatures of how you feel and how it compares to how you want to feel (this is what Abraham calls Step 1- “You ask”, vibrationally).  In the next moment is the part where you consciously recognize how you feel and choose how to respond.  IN BETWEEN these 2 moments, Source has created a vibrational reality that matches the elements of how you want to feel. This is what Abraham calls Step 2 -”It is answered”, vibrationally.

Step 3 is what Abraham calls “allowing” or “lining up” with what you want, or “aligning yourself with your Inner Being”, and is the Step most of us can’t get our heads around. Now bear with me while I explain my new clarity about this.

Source has infinite experience, infinite creativity, infinite resources, yes? Source can solve any problem better than you can, yes? So, and here is the important bit, inherent within the rocket is the solution!

Follow me on this. Inherent within the rocket of desire is the solution, which Source got and created into vibrational reality instantly. It is now done and on it’s way to you as soon as you acheive the vibrational frequency it exists at!

This is what Abraham has lately been calling “preparing the environment” for “real-izing” (bringing it into physical, manifesting it).  Ok, fine, how does this help?

Imagine for a moment that Source is a company that specializes in smoothing the way for you, taking care of the details so you can get your primary business done (think rock star making requests for backstage specialties to be supplied). Let’s call them The Fiduciary. Your rocket of desire imparted all the information that The Fiduciary needs. They are on it, it is done, now if you want that thing on your time schedule, it is your job to find out where they put your stuff and you won’t get it by screwing your eyes closed and screaming, “Where’s my stuff!” (okay, this is where my example of the rock star begins to fail…).

The Fiduciary insists on playing a bit of fun, something like, “If I were the cup of coffee that would make you happy, where would I be?”  They will give you clues via your feelings like “warmer” and “colder”, but it is up to you to suss out what warmer and colder FEEL like. Sometimes this is hard, because you are used to looking around for stuff instead of feeling for it.

But what if you could let go of the need to find the cup of coffee? What if you knew that the cup of coffee would be delivered to your hand if you just did your own thing while you were waiting? (Now we come back to the rock star…)

As soon as I got this this morning, I remembered a time almost 20 years ago that I was up late (3 am) and looked out of the window to see flames shooting out of the windows of my car in the driveway. I never once wondered how I should put out that fire. I knew that this was a job for the Fire Department, so I called them and left it in their hands, knowing that help would come as soon as they could because I had given them all the information they needed (like how to find the driveway). While I was waiting, I did not fuss, or cry, or worry. I knew it was taken care of the best way possible, so I enjoyed the sight of flames shooting out of the windows of my car (feels weird to say that, I am laughing so hard right now!). Really, how often do you get to enjoy that?

So instead of looking around for your stuff, you could ask and answer yourself the question, “What will it be like when the solution to this problem shows up? How will I feel? In what part of my current existence do I already feel that way?” And then put all of your attention there, so that you are a vibrational match for your coming solution.

The easy way, however, would be to recognize that The Fiduciary is fulfilling your desires and you can just enjoy watching the flames while you are waiting…

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I am a work in progress and well aware of it. More to the point, excited about it! Being a work in progress means I can change at any time. I can be someone today that I wasn't yesterday, and might not be tomorrow, but is perfectly suited to today. Every day. That is complete freedom.
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2 Responses to Revisiting ‘Rockets of Desire’

  1. kathy says:

    i think you do a great job of explaining concepts that can be tricky to wrap our minds around. we are all so conditioned to STRIVE and work HARD for what we want that we have no idea life is supposed to be EASY and FUN! i tend to be a bit of a control freak (i have finally realized!) and i am also finally realizing i have ULTIMATE control by RELAXING, being EASY about what i want. i have it already (granted it’s vibrational at present). the “trick” i have been using most successfully lately is that i am perfect right now, no matter how i feel. and that HOW i feel is what really matters to me. i want to feel as good as i can in each moment. i am doing my best to let go of judging myself about where i am in my feelings as well. it is all ok. :)

    • laurie says:

      The self-judgement is a REALLY key issue, that also comes from the idea that we have to work at it to be good enough. That is one reason
      why I am so excited to remember that I can just enjoy watching the flames…

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