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Learning to be Happy

Flower Essences in Your Healing Toolbox

What are Flower Essences?  How are they made?  What are they for?  How do I use them and what can I expect?

Join us for an informational program on commonly asked questions about Flower Essences. Expect 30 -40 minutes of “lecture” followed by Q & A.

$10 (Admission includes $3 towards a custom blend filled after the informational program)

Laurie Swanson will be available afterward until approximately 9:00 pm to blend custom FE remedies.  Appointments will be scheduled, first come/first served, in approximately 1/2 hour increments after 7:30.  If there are not enough blocks of time to accommodate everyone, there will be custom blendings available each first and third Saturdays from 2-4, by appointment.

Laurie will be dousing your individual custom blend in a “conference call” with Nature devas and elementals as well as your higher self. You will walk away with a blend specific to your needs, labelled with the flower essences used and the dose. If you bring the cleaned bottle back for a refill, you save $2 on your refill.

Printed references will be available for you to see what imbalances your blend is addressing.

Cost is $3 per essence (average is 4-6 essences per remedy)


Know Thyself: Build Your Intuitive Muscle

Three session class  to help you identify your own brand of intuition and grow it through the use of energy awareness, image reading, dowsing, and other divination methods.
Laurie Swanson facilitating.

$60 for Course

If anyone is on the fence about taking this course, come for the first hour of the first session . We will be laying the groundwork and you can have a peek into the content.



Past Life Guided Meditation

Celebrate the beginning of the new world by having fun and taking a journey of self discovery in a past life guided meditation.
This is not a psychotherapeutic “regression” in which the intention is to uncover past life traumas, rather it is to explore the richness of our accumulated wisdom and seek understanding and clarity of things in our current lives by knowing what went before.

Private party $15/person

Individual session $60




Individual Empowerment Coaching Sessions  $60

Private Past Life Meditation $60/hr

( Most people want help interpreting their experience, without this, the Guided Meditation alone is $30)


Scheduled Funshops

Why do I call them “funshops”?  Honestly, it is mostly to remind me that having fun is the highest level of functioning, the most productive activity we can engage in in order to get what we want.  Fun is alignment,  ‘work’ calls up struggle, struggle is what we are trying to leave behind, especially in these meet ups!

“Paying” Attention Your attention is a valuable commodity, in fact our whole economy is built upon getting your attention and using it to sell you everything from theories to products and even lifestyles!

  • The question I have for you is, “Do you know how valuable the focus of your attention is for you personally?”
    Join me to explore how your selective attention is the key to how much you enjoy (or don’t enjoy) your life, and some things you can do to maximize your enjoyment!(Yes, there will be games…)
    $20 suggested donation


 To register please email me at laurie@treeatlarge.com or on Facebook Sign up at our page (Tree at Large)Pricing for Funshops

Pricing for 4 hour session is $50 pre-registered , $65 at the door.

For 8 hour session is $100 pre-registered, $125 at the door.

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