Others as Amplifiers

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So you are having a pretty good day and a Facebook friend is a bit down and posts about it.

You recognize they are, as always, in the place of their power, ie

in the NOW,

with full choice of:

what their Intention is,

where they put their Attention,

the thoughts they choose to think,

which then guide their feelings

You choose to suggest another perspective, sympathetic but more positive.  But Facebook being what it is, he/she has friended many people who are not yet Deliberate Creators.  So your friend’s friends post stories of their own pain, they recognize and endorse his/her victimhood, their concern for his/her well-being flares into worry (because they aren’t yet looking at him/her as in the perfect place of power) in short, they reinforce the “what-is” that your friend was looking at.


Now your friend may actually have come to terms with the original complaint and be feeling better, but the replies keep pouring in, beating the drum of what was, which you understand as further opportunities for your friend to get clarity.


But you say to yourself, “I am not interested in this process any more.  I did my bit and all these comments are just drama to me.”

Well, the good news is, if you don’t already know, you can ‘unfollow’ the post! (Can you tell I just figured this out?) :)


This is a wonderful demonstration of the Law of Attraction at work and how to use it.


This is a great example of group work adding to the “pulling power” of a thought/belief.   Each thought has a frequency (see top illustration in chart below).   Adding thoughts of the same frequency (or thinkers with the same frequency :)  ) increases the amplitude, or strength of the thought (see second and third illustrations of chart below).  In terms of the LOA, the greater the amplitude, the greater the work which is accomplished.

Same frequency, changing amplitude


So what is the moral of this story?  Choices!

We have the choice of what to think, and whatever action we take about it shows us something useful.  Abraham says, “Don’t worry about it, it will get bigger”, which sounds tongue in cheek but is really a soothing statement to not worry!  If we have chosen to think and do what really serves us, the response will prove that, if we miss an opportunity or make a mistake, that too will become clear, at which time we make ANOTHER CHOICE!


Also, as an outsider, we never have to get caught in someone else’s choices, we can instead recognize the process of exploration that other person is choosing and ‘unfollow’ it!  AAAH, relief!

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I am a work in progress and well aware of it. More to the point, excited about it! Being a work in progress means I can change at any time. I can be someone today that I wasn't yesterday, and might not be tomorrow, but is perfectly suited to today. Every day. That is complete freedom.
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