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In studying the Law Of Attraction, we learn that the LOA is matching our feeling state. What I see so often is people trying to adjust their feeling state to achieve what they want. This is, actually, backwards. What we need to understand is that achieving a comfortable feeling state is our GOAL! THEN when the LOA matches you get the stuff and the circumstances that you want without aiming for them, without dictating how they will look or arrive, without expending any energy on them at all, purely and simply ALLOWING the LOA to provide the highest possible expression of stuff and circumstances that match our feeling state.
We are confused because we think what we want is stuff and circumstances, bur as Abraham points out, “Everything you want, you want because you think that in the having of it you will feel good.”

Feeling good is the shortcut to manifesting everything you want in it’s highest expression. Appreciate what you have now, find the best of what IS, look forward with eagerness to what is coming, daydream your desires because it feels good… and relax. It is coming to you as fast as you can feel it already in doing that.

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I am a work in progress and well aware of it. More to the point, excited about it! Being a work in progress means I can change at any time. I can be someone today that I wasn't yesterday, and might not be tomorrow, but is perfectly suited to today. Every day. That is complete freedom.
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