“Doing the Work” of LoA

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Jane Roberts/Seth told us that

we create our own reality


Bobby McFerrin told us,

“Don’t worry. Be happy!”


Esther Hicks/Abraham describe how to

create our own reality by being happy.

I can help you to DO it!



Why does anyone need to help you do it?

Because while the Law of Attraction may be simple, it is not always easy.

Abraham frequently says, “Do the work.”

“Doing the work” is;

a) becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings, and

b) Consciously directing your thoughts to produce better feelings.


There are 3 basic wrinkles in the smooth fabric of “doing the work”, which are;

1) We have a LOT of thoughts and feelings.

2) Many of these thoughts and feelings are based on the old “tapes” we learned growing up and are therefore contradictory to one another (“I should” or “I must not” versus “I want”).

3) We have learned to be very hard on ourselves, which is counterproductive to “allowing”.

What makes these workshops effective?

You do the work- This is a hands-on, experiential approach, not a lecture or question and answer format. You have the opportunity to examine your thoughts and feelings alongside others who are also in the process of raising their vibration. Like-minded people will know what you are talking about and will be sharing the same types of issues, together.

The exercises themselves are straightforward, easy to use and to remember for future use and for each there is plenty of time for discussion and brainstorming.

I am not channeling this – (at least I don’t think so…) These exercises were developed and tested by human beings striving for that better feeling place, just like you.   Like you, also, the process involved lots of contrast, which at the time we called “blood, sweat and tears”.

Vibration-raising likes company- Each individual is the only one who can “do the work” for him/her self, but we fellow-travelers can make the work easier, faster, and more fun for each other. Being with and working with people who are deliberately choosing better feelings amplifies the achievements of each and then some. In other words, better energy with synergy!

So please, take a look around the site, determine whether a seminar / “playshop”  or a CD is calling out to you,  and take another step towards being the blissfully aligned and happy person that you want to be.  Alternatively, if this is not your cup of tea, I wish you the best life you could ask for and thanks for adding your own distinctive flavor to our marvelous world!


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