A Body Analogy

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I occurs to me that our bodies, the mutual creation of Spirit and nature, are wonderful symbols of the process of Life and the roles that Spirit and physical life-experience play.

Let me begin with the analogy of eating and digestion as the taking in of life experience.  You might think I will start with tasting your food, but actually we need to go farther back.

Your physical body represents the vehicle of your Spirit (your Wholeness?) travelling through The Physical Experience. As such, it is aware of/connected to/acting in partnership with the part of you that is not in physical form and “remembers” (or continues to be aware of, perhaps) what you wanted to play with in this particular experience.

So the first part of our analogy is actually when you have an energetic desire for something, which Abe refers to as a “rocket of desire” (see http://treeatlarge.com/revisiting-rockets-of-desire/ ) which in the body analogy is the desire of the body to experience food. At some point you become consciously aware of this desire and real-ize that you are hungry.  If you feel like following this real-ization (which many times we suppress because we want to focus our attention elsewhere) you begin sifting and sorting out what form you would most like this desire to be satisfied with.  Do you want to eat out?, or order in?, make a meal? or just have a snack and put off total fulfillment for awhile?  Once you have settled on the form of the experience you want to have, you begin putting actions to the thoughts, dressing to go out, making a phone call, assembling the ingredients, or possibly just opening the fridge to see what instantly edible food you have.

Notice that you have not as yet had any manifestation of food at this point, and yet you have been in the process of creating a reality for some time. Hmm, remember that next time your manifestation seems to be slow in coming…

Now, if you have chosen a more elaborate experience than a snack or ordering in, you have more pointed focusing to do: what are you making/ordering, what will you do in order to prepare the meal or while you are waiting to be served, etc.

Finally, you begin to eat. You begin by savoring the aromas, tasting this bit or that bit, chewing on it to begin the process of assimilating it into your body. If your are honoring the experience consciously, you are deciding what you like best about this meal, enjoying the textures as well as the flavors, deciding whether the spicing was correct or how you might improve it, etc.

Once you swallow, it seems like the experience is over, and yet of course it is not. Your body now begins the same process of breaking it down into more usable bits, separating out what it can use and what will be passed along. In the END (*groan*), you eliminate what what no longer serves you, having taken from it everything of value to you at this time.

Now in this analogy, food is nourishment to your body, it allows you to grow. Experience is “food for thought” to your life, it nourishes you and allows you to grow. If you don’t allow yourself to partake, of either food or experience, you cannot grow and eventually that creates pain or suffering of one sort or another. If you refuse to let go of what no longer serves you, again eventual suffering.  It is a continual process that must continually be repeated, each experience is a meal and when you are really done, well, you ARE really done…

As important as this analogy can be in getting a balanced view of your life as a process, I will note here that you can go a long time without eating. You can even go a relatively long time without drinking. But the next analogy shows you how important this other thing is, even compared to eating/life experience.

I am talking about breathing, of course. Breath is life; breath is also, analogously, your connection to Spirit. It is constant, it happens without your conscious participation (unless you choose to focus on doing it cooperatively with your body), it is always up to date, it is ESSENTIAL, it is your essence. You can count on it so completely that you can even take it for  granted and it NEVER abandons you until you are done with it.

And then you become it completely…



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I am a work in progress and well aware of it. More to the point, excited about it! Being a work in progress means I can change at any time. I can be someone today that I wasn't yesterday, and might not be tomorrow, but is perfectly suited to today. Every day. That is complete freedom.
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  1. kathy says:

    i commented on fb. well-written and expressed. :) xoxo

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