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What does Tree at Large Mean?

How to Use This Website

The Law of Attraction vs Feelin’ Groovy

For several years now I have been practicing a lifestyle based on the Law of Attraction teachings of (mostly) Abraham-Hicks (see Resource page for link to their website).  As with all the other amazing and life changing insights/techniques I have stumbled across in my life, I tried to convince my friends and family that this was THE answer.  Not surprisingly, they decided to do their own choosing of what THE answer was.  Over time I realized that if I could just stop claiming that the LoA was the way to improve their lives, and acted instead like the person they knew to have many good ideas, I could sometimes offer a tidbit they found useful.

While the LoA philosophy in its entirety didn’t always turn on the light of Enlightenment for my loved ones, many of the perspectives offered did and do offer comfort and inspiration.  One of these, and a central one in my book, is the idea that while you cannot always choose what comes into your life, you are always and absolutely in charge of how you think and feel about it.  This is the basis of the “Feelin’ Groovy” posts on this site.

I have tried to state as much of this material as possible from this perspective, so as to be accessible to those who find the LoA hard to accept.  My personal conviction is that the overall worldview of LoA is very helpful in keeping things in perspective, however, it is not necessary to making changes in your life which will and must improve it.  I have every intention of respecting differing philosophies and direct my energies toward what can be agreed upon (I am looking at you, my brothers).

So, if you are interested in making your daily life one which feels better, choose the posts categorized “Feelin’ Groovy”.  If you are willing to see what differences consciously using the LoA can make to your life, choose any post, because the basis of the LoA is that if you feel good now, you will draw the matching vibration of “feeling good” to yourself as long as you feel it!

Feel free to ask questions, either in the comment sections under each post or through the email (also on the top of the Resources Page).

Thanks for visiting!

What does “Tree at Large” mean?

You know those memes that tell you what Marx Brother you are, or what color your aura is?  Well, Tree at Large is my answer to the meme I’ve never seen, entitled, “Who are you, really?”

I don’t know exactly when I decided that I was a tree, but sometime in the past 25 years it struck me that trees are well worthy of emulation.  They are calming to be around, they are strong, they provide the relief of blessed shade or dappled light when you need it, and they extend an invitation that all children hear to play in and around them.  Of course they also give homes to the birds, squirrels, raccoons and innumerable insect life, they transform our waste carbon dioxide back into oxygen and live on in furniture after they inhabit it no longer (or do they still?)  But the thing which impresses me the most is that trees span a space from deep within the earth to high above it, realms apart, but both equally necessary to the survival and “thrival” of the individual.

This is also what I have learned of myself over the years.  I spend a lot of my time with my head in the clouds pondering “truth” and the nature of reality, and yet my life has taught me to be very practical in a day to day sense.  I can discuss, with equal facility, the definition of “love”  or the strategies behind a successful budget.  I have my head in the heavens and my feet on the ground, and the interplay of the two gives me new insight into each of them every day and every day.   “At Large”  refers to being unconfined, able to cross boundaries, better yet, entitled to cross boundaries!  Really, if I am going to envision myself as being free, I think I shall do it by right!

So, what does it mean in terms of this website?  Well, it means that I have decided to put my thoughts down in such a fashion that they can be helpful for others; confirming, intriguing, enticing, thought provoking and, possibly, irritating at times, as well.  For those who like, as I do, to have CDs to listen to, I am offering (approximately) hour-long, in depth treatments of subjects I find particularly important.

In addition, I offer seminars and “playshops” in the flesh in the metro Milwaukee and Chicago areas.

Take a look around the site, and always,  feel free to contact me.

2 Responses to An Introduction

  1. Heidi Holmes says:

    Hi Laurie,
    I want to schedule a tarot or guidance session with you. I met you at Down The Rabbit hole. You did a reading for me. I’m being led to talk to. I know you can help me right now. If your still doing private session please let me know.
    Blessings Heidi

    • laurie says:


      I just found this comment when I was preparing to write a blog entry (for the first time in months, possibly years) so I must say your guidance seems to have pulled me right in…
      I have a storefront in West Racine now, so it will be pretty easy to arrange something. I will respond privately from the address about times and places, ok?

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